Time Square Development (TSD) is a real estate investment and development firm with offices in New York and Ireland. The firm’s focus is on the development of premier commercial and residential properties in the United States and Europe. TSD specializes in the development of luxury mid-rise and high-rise residential properties as well as hotel, office, retail and mixed-use projects. The company is led by an executive team with decades of experience in real estate development, including the acquisition, financing, construction and renovation of properties.

Investment Management

With over 30 years of real estate and construction experience, Kevin O’Sullivan has earned the reputation as someone who honors commitments and completes successful projects.  This credibility and experience has enabled him to secure close relationships with a diverse section of committed debt and equity partners for projects in which his companies are associated in developing.


Time Square Development prides itself on investing in the community in which its projects are developed.  By taking time to extensively research and understand the market, we are able to create developments that are embraced and fulfill a purpose in the communities they serve.

TSD was founded in 2007. Since its inception, the company has developed several residential, mixed-use, mid and high-rise projects in New York and has active projects in development in New York and Ireland.  TSD is part of Tower Holdings Group, a company integrated by ten independent entities in the United States, Ireland, and the United Arab Emirates committed to providing the highest quality in different services across the vast construction industry.

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